Wild Branch Ministries is a community of Christians who believe in the amazing love of God. We are located in Battle Ground, Washington. 

"We declare that God is good. He is the kindest person you will ever meet. He is relentless and extreme in His efforts to reveal His longing for every human heart. He doesn't just love us, He knows us - and He really, really likes us." 
God is Love
Our Heavenly Father is the Holy Papa that the child in all of us craves to be near. His touch heals the bruised and broken children of every generation. We are the apple of His eye. Make no mistake about it, He is always cheering for us, always encouraging us. He believes in us. 
He is Love
Within Jesus is hidden our truest identity, and only by relationship with Him can we come to know the amazing revelation of who we truly are. His heart is for us and not against us. He is wildly passionate, hopelessly romantic and playfully creative beyond measure. Jesus is our King, Savior, Brother, Love, Healer and the Truest Friend we can ever have. We are His! He died to win our hearts, He dies to rescue us, He died fighting for us, He died to call us His friends. He is the Champion, our Hero. 
He is Love
The Holy Spirit is the ever-present person, the manifest presence of God's love to all of us. He is always present, always comforting. He is always teaching, always leading. He moves us, fills us, catches our tears and anoints our lives with power and weakness. He is always whispering heavenly truth to the listening ear. He is tender and tough, He is wisdom and knowledge. He is kindness and mercy. He is fun and resourceful. He never leaves us nor does He forsake us. He gets us, understand us and loves us. He is brilliant! 
He is Love 
The Wild Branch family is committed to being grateful, appreciative and overwhelmed by God's friendship and tenderness towards us. He is good, He is kind, He loves because He is love…and He doesn't change. "Thank you, Father, thank you, Jesus, and thank you, Holy Spirit." 
Wild Branch has a call from the Lord to love and encourage the "Hidden Church," the wild branches, those who love and serve God outside of traditional Christian churches. We have a different call than tradition Christian churches - not better, just different. 
We love our friends in traditional churches, and we believe that the second part of our calling is to serve them where we can and bless them as we can. 
Welcome to our little community & thanks for dropping by, 
Mike Galeotti
Founder, Wild Branch Christian Ministries 
{Inspired by the Word of God and our experience}
Scriptures: 1 John 4:7-11, John 15:15-17, Romans 5:5-11 & 8:35-39, Psalms 31:21 & 117:2 & 119:76-77, Isaiah 54:10 Joel 2:13, Titus 3:4-7, Ephesians 3:14-21, Romans 2:4 and more...